I have to admit, I am the last person to sign on for a guided tour. I prefer wandering around new places, and discovering what is available. As an introvert, I really don’t like being jammed in vehicles for hours with others – or having to make small talk. However, the only way into Bhutan is on a tour. So, I found Samlha Tours and Travels online, and began to plan. I cannot say enough about this company. From the first contact I had with them, to the farewell at the airport, every step of the way they were professional, prompt, and helpful. The office staff offer great support, and the staff in the field knocked it out of the park. Of course there was a glitch – there always is – my money transfer to Samlha Tours and Travels was short by a significant amount of money when I tried to pay my bill (international exchanges and charges which I had not factored in). The mark of a good tour company is how they handle the glitches. They handled this one brilliantly, and together we resolved the issue smoothly. Also, my travel companion got very sick (from food on her inbound flight). The guide offered appropriate support, and began to make contingency plans, including a possible hospital visit if needed, in case she did not recover quickly – which she did, thank goodness! If you have any hesitations about Windhorse, set them aside. This is a top drawer travel company, which supports a beautiful nation (Bhutan), with excellence. You will have an awesome trip!


I wanted to send you a big Thank you (Kadrin chhey) for organizing this incredible trip to Bhutan - a real highlight in my travel diary. The Jomolhari Trek was spectacular and breath-taking.

-Florian Goette