Introduction Of Monarchy

THE NEW CENTURY USHERED in a new political era for Bhutan . Over two centuries of tumultuous theocratic republican rule had worn out the Bhutanese public by the time Sir Ugyen Wangchuk rose to an eminent stature. The nation was exhausted by the recurrent factional fighting in the absence of a unifying authority. Moreover, Bhutan had seen significant changes in the power structure and relations both within the country and with neighbouring countries , largely due to the military dexterity of Jigme Namgyal and Sir Ugyen Wangchuk’s political shrewdness and diplomatic skills.

It is against backdrop of these sociopolitical changes that we must appreciate Sir Ugyen Wangchuk’s ascension to the throne as the King and the introduction of the hereditary monarchy in Bhutan , at time when monarchies were collapsing in other parts of the World