Drukyul – The land Of Thunder Dragon

The names discussed above have generally ceased to be used today as names for Bhutan . The standard local designation currently used by both the Bhutanese people and their neighbours is Druk or Thunder Dragon and, by extension , Drukyul – The Land Of Thunder Dragon. This is rendered in a much more dramatic fashion in English today as the Land of the Thunder Dragon . Some go even further with an oxymoronic description : The Land Of The Peaceful Thunder Dragon. The dragon appellation is latest among the local names for Bhutan and gained currency only after the unification of the country in the seventeenth century.

Druk was initially the name given to a place near Nam village , located south of Lhasa along the Kyichu valley in around 1206 CE. Traditional Tibetan and Bhutanese histories offer us a fabulous story of its beginnings. The name Dragon, however, was not given after Bhutan’s Fauna , in the way that Menjong was given after its flora, although many Bhutanese would still believe that there existed a reptilian creature which could fly and roar in the sky to cause thunder. Nor does the name have any historical connection to the prevalence of the dragon in Chinese culture as an unsuspecting visitor may assume.

This is attested by the phrase “in our Dragon Country ” in the founding document of the monarchy signed by various eminent statesmen and clergy to endorse the hereditary monarchy in 1907. Today, Bhutan is called Druk or Drukyul by its own people and its Tibetan , Sikkimese and Mongpa neighbours.