Welcome to Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan (Drukyul) the land of Thunder Dragon lies along the rolling ridges of eastern Himalayas. It is a landlocked country bordering with China in the north and North West and India in the East, West and South. Although it just measures 110 miles from North to South and 200 miles from East to West, Bhutan is home to remarkable variety of climate and ecosystem. The Country has plain areas in the sub tropical south, temperate Zone with fertile cultivated valleys, the central and cold alpine zone with peaks and Mountains in the north.

Bhutan blessed with rolling hills, high peaks, green valley and dense forest with different species of flora and fauna is comparable to Switzerland both in size and topography. Bhutan’s uniqueness in lifestyle is the result of virtual isolation from the rest of world. However, the new concept of Gross National Happiness ensures every citizen is happy. This concept is gaining popularity in the world and Bhutan is known as the country of Gross National Happiness. It is on the path of modernization and globalization without compromising unique culture, traditions and infrastructures that Bhutanese people hold on. Its people,  culture and religious festivals are testimony to a rich way of life which has changed very little for over 1000 years. Though Bhutan chooses to be part of global village and known to rest of the world, it stills remains to be a hidden paradise.